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AND WE HAVE A ROUGH CUT! It’s been a long and uphill road, but I am SO very proud of Bizarre The Film. It’s been amazing to spend this time getting to know Master Lu Yi and all his circus lovers at Circus Center. Shout out to our awesome editor, Ethan Holzman, who put in long and tiring hours with me to create such a wonderful piece. It’s incredibly refreshing to work with an editor that is as passionate about the project as I am. Long story short, I can’t wait to share this magical film with everyone! #circuslove

This is the Bulabos family opening the typhoon relief box I sent them that also included Christmas gifts and a photo album from my time with them. Although I couldn’t be there to deliver the boxes, this priceless photo is a good second best. Big thanks to Charina Asunto and all the many people that helped make this drive a success! And to the amazing Bulabos family, my #gwapafilm heroes. I dream of the day that get to see you all again! Salamat!

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